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Roz Got Cake Policies

Order must be paid in full once it's placed in order for it to be confirmed (100% refundable up to one week before pick up date, 50% refundable 4-5 days before,

non-refundable less than 3 days before)

• It is your responsibility to show up to pick up your order in a timely manner, lack of communication/not showing up is not my responsibility

• Clients who are unresponsive AND don't show up at the pickup location within 30 minutes of pickup may lose their order

• I don't copy/replicate other bakers'/artists' work but I can base a design around the theme, colors, and piping of your inspo cake

• I try my best to replicate the colors and piping of your inspo cakes but remember: these are handmade custom cakes, so they might not always be exact

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